Last Will & Testaments express a person's wishes for the distribution of property upon death.  But what about adding an expression of love for a son, or pride for a daughter?  How about an expression of forgiveness or regret towards an estranged loved one?  How about a confession?  Or words of encouragement to respected friends?  Or gratitude for people who've made a difference in your life?  Our emotions are what inspire us to leave gifts or bequests to people in our Last Wills.  Rather than leaving gifts with no explanation, express yourself.  Let your words ring on in a legal document that will memorialize not only your property wishes, but also your sentiment.

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We all know people with fantastic senses of humor.  The grandfather who's always pranking the grandchildren.  The father who speaks only with playful sarcasm.  The grandmother whose benign crude banter makes us all smile.  For some people, humor is an intimate part of their lives and an ever-present element to their personality.  And just as such people work in humor any chance they can get in their daily lives, why not work it into the Last Will & Testament?  What better way to get the last laugh than throwing in an anecdote or two?  Or an inside joke that only your closest loved ones would appreciate?  Many humorous additions can be added to your Last Will that not only may enhance or better explain your intent, but may also serve to help bereaving loved ones.

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So often bereaving beneficiaries make statements like, "if mom were still here, she would not have wanted this" or "I don't understand why dad did this in his Will."  Many questions remain unanswered after death, often to the emotional detriment of loved ones.  One way to offset any misunderstandings or confusion is to make Last Will & Testaments more detailed.  Explain why your bequest is disproportionate, or explain why it's proportionate.  Let your beneficiaries know why you want what you want, just as you are talking with them in person.  Let them hear your genuine voice through the Last Will, so that they can rest assured knowing your intent is being satisfied after death.

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Make Your Last Will and Testament a Reflection of You

Last Will & Testaments are legal documents that express a person's wishes as to the distribution of property.  They are often boring to read,  and replete with legalese, superfluous, and redundant language.  While used for centuries, this historical tone so common in Wills has become more of a custom than a legal requirement.  In fact, there is no legal requirement for Wills to be so dry and legal-sounding in order to be valid.

In Florida, for example, it is the expression of the person's intent within the Will that controls the legal effect of the disposition.  Further, in order to express an intent, no particular form of words is necessary for the Will to be valid.

At CreativeWills.Com, a site owned and controlled by attorney Anthony Barbuto, Esq. of Barbuto Law & Associates, P.A., we draft creative Last Will & Testaments and other Estate Planning documents, which resemble more of a reflection of true human emotion, than a lifeless script.  Get started today on your original Last Will & Testament, where your property wishes will be expressed through your unique voice, perpetuating your legacy, your way.


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